Wedding Items

Arbour - Bamboo

$140.00 or $100.00 DIY
Bamboo Arbour – perfect for beach weddings

Arbour - Column


Qty Available: 1

Arbour - Jarrah Timber

Jarrah Timber Arbour
2.0m H x 1.5 W

Arbour - Natural Timber

Natural Timber.

Qty Available: 1

Arbour - Decorative

Arbour - White Metal Decorative

Qty Available: 1

Arbour - White Round

280w x 230h

Arbour - White Timber

White Timber Arbour

Qty Available: 1

Arbour - White Ribbed Timber

White Ribbed Timber Arbour

Glass Candle Cylinder

$9.00per pair
60cm & 40cm come in Pairs

Qty Available: 27 pairs

Carpet - Ivory Runner 5m

Ivory Carpet - 5m x 1.2m

Carpet - Red Runner 5m

Red Carpet 5m x 1.2m

Carpet - Red Runner 6m

Red Carpet 6m x 1.2m

Dance Floor - Indoor

$25.00 per sqm
Indoor Dance Floor - Size can be customized.

Dance Floor - Jarrah

$35.00 per sqm indoor - $45 per sqm outdoors undercover
Beautiful Jarrah Dance Floor - Size can be customized

Qty Available:

Dance Floor - Outdoor

$25.00 per sqm
Size varies according to Event - generally 4m x 5m or can be customised to suit you 4m x 1m increments.

Easel - Metal

This lovely easel is made from decorative metal and finished in an Antique Cream colouring.
Will comfortably cradle a large painting or mirror. 1.6m high.

Qty Available: 2

Easel - Wood

This simple classic brown wooden easel is ideal for displaying signs, seating plans, photos, posters and at your party, event or special day.

Qty Available: 1

Picket Fence - White Freestanding 2m Sections

$22.00 per 2m panel
Take your event to the next level. It's clean and crisp style will create an outstanding visual impact for your event or wedding.
Great for security and safety.

Welcome Wedding Sign

Customise to make your own special welcome sign

Qty Available: 1

Signing Table - Vintage

Grey Vintage Style Signing Table

Signing Table - Vintage

White Vintage Style Signing Table

Tealight Holders - French


Qty Available: 12

Tealight Holders - Glass


Qty Available: 170

Wishing Well

Wishing Well - White -Glass

Giant LOVE Letters

Add that extra something to photos for your Engagement or Wedding